Top Gifts Ideas for Teachers!

11th September 2020

“Not all superheroes wear capes, some having teaching degrees.”


Teachers are superheroes in the truest sense, they arguably play the most important role in shaping the young minds of the children placed under their care.

They give children purpose, set them up for success as citizens of our world, and inspire in them a drive to do well and succeed in life.

We all have our special teachers who made us into the people we have grown up to be, for someone so important I thought about compiling top gift ideas you can give your teacher :)

Teacher appreciation quote

1. Chocolates

chocolate gifts

“Don't think that chocolate is a substitute for love! Love is a substitute for chocolate.”

-Miranda Ingram

Sure, people may think that chocolates are a last-minute gift idea. To those people I say, you are dead wrong! Chocolates are a gift that keeps giving, every time your teacher eats a piece they will remember you.

Here are some of the best chocolates you can buy

- Cadbury Celebrations

cadbury celebrations

This box of specially assorted premium chocolates makes for the perfect gift. Giving this will definitely win you some teachers hearts :)

Cadbury Celebrations Best Price in India: Rs 399/-

Buy it on:

  1. paytmmall logo Paytm Mall: Rs 399/-
  2. amazon logo Amazon: Rs 450/-
  3. flipkart logo Flipkart: Rs 475/-
  4. big basket logo Big Basket: Rs 500/-
  5. grofers logo Grofers: Rs 500/-

- Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk

cadbury silk

The Cadbury dairy milk silk plain offers the most premium taste of classic Cadbury with the perfect mix of creamy and rich milk with silky chocolate. The entire bar can be enjoyed without any ingredients overpowering the chocolate

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Best Price in India: Rs 135/-

Buy it on:

  1. amazon logo Amazon: Rs 135/-
  2. flipkart logo Flipkart: Rs 160/-
  3. big basket logo Big Basket: Rs 151/-
  4. paytmmall logo Paytm Mall: Rs 150/-

- Ferrero Rocher

ferrero rocher

A whole crunchy hazelnut in the heart, a yummy creamy hazelnut chocolate filling, a crisp wafer shell covered with chocolate. Is there something more one could ask for?

Fererro Rocher Best Price in India: Rs 529/-

Buy it on:

  1. amazon logo Amazon: Rs 529/-
  2. flipkart logo Flipkart: Rs 529/-
  3. big basket logo Big Basket: Rs 529/-

- Cadbury Oreo Dipped Cookie

cadbury dipped oreo

Oreo or Dairy Milk? Why not have both. This monstrous treat has been brought to us by the amazing folks at Mondelez. Crunchy amazing Oreos dipped in smooth chocolaty Cadbury. It is even better when dipped in a glass of cold milk!

Cadbury Oreo Dipped Best Price in India: Rs 60 for 150g

Buy it on:

  1. amazon logo Amazon: Rs 60/- (150 g)
  2. flipkart logo Flipkart: Rs 20/- (50 g)
  3. big basket logo Big Basket: Rs 40/- (100 g)
  4. grofers logo Grofers: Rs 60/- (150 g)

2. Stationery


"If I was a criminal, stationery stores and bakeries would be the two kinds of places I would concentrate on."

-John Turturro

Love for stationery is a special kind of bond. If your teacher loves stationery then these gifts will make the hoarder inside them happy!

- Mungyo Chalk Holder

mungyo chalk holder

“What a teacher writes on the blackboard of life can never be erased.”


Using chalk and blackboard is a staple in Indian education, gift your teacher this chalk holder which will protect their hands from the chalk dust and help them grip the chalk well. Every time they write on the blackboard they will remember you :)

Mungyo Chalk Holder Best Price in India: Rs 200/-

Buy it on:

  1. amazon logo Amazon: Rs 240/-
  2. flipkart logo Flipkart: Rs 600/-
  3. paytmmall logo Paytm Mall: Rs 200/-

- 365 Day Planner Notebook

365 Day Planner Notebook

This will help your teacher plan the academic year, will store all the plans in an organised and fun manner. It has extra pages at the back of the planner dedicated to doodling, sketching & creative needs

Buy it on Big Small for Rs 599/-

- Smileys Perpetual Desk Calendar

smiley perpetual desk calendar

This perpetual calendar beautified with smiley faces and motivational words will make for a wonderful gifting option

Smileys Perpetual Desk Calendar Price in India: Rs 150/-

Buy it on:

  1. archies logo Archies: Rs 150/-
  2. amazon logo Amazon: Rs 150/-

- TECHTEST24 Pocket Expanding File Folder

pocket expanding file folder

You can keep your documents, reports, paper, cards, receipts in it, with it, and an ID Cardholder at the front cover gives your files a convenient classification. It is a perfect document organizer for your teacher which will make their lives easier.

TECHTEST24 Pocket Expanding File Folder Best Price in India: Rs 898/-

Buy it on:

  1. amazon logo Amazon: Rs 898/-
  2. flipkart logo Flipkart: Rs 948/-

3. Accessories

- Mugs

magic mug

Mugs are the perfect way to give someone a reason to smile and a memory that lasts a long time.

Magic Mugs are mugs where the message only appears when you pour a hot beverage into it.

You can buy this mug on amazon logo Amazon for Rs 299/-

If Magic Mug is not your style, head over to Archies to get an amazing assortment of Mugs for that special teacher who taught you without "mugging up" 😛

teachers mugs

- Mi Business Casual 21L Laptop Backpack

Mi Casual Laptop Backpack

Teachers have a lot to haul to and fro from school on a daily basis. This gift is a simple gesture that shows you pay attention and care for your teacher. Gift this super stylish and super useful bag to your teacher, it can hold books, laptop, wallet, sunglasses, powerbanks. It is water-resistant and its ergonomic design makes it extremely comfortable around the shoulder

Mi Laptop Business Casual 21L Backpack Best Price in India: Rs 999/-

Buy it on:

  1. amazon logo Amazon: Rs 999/-

2. mi logo Mi Store: Rs 999/-

  1. flipkart logo Flipkart: Rs 1249/-

- Stylised Protective Masks

We found these beautiful masks perfect for gifting your fashionable teachers!. Yea, you know who we're talking about. COVID-19 has been a nasty experience. And we all need to stay strong and safe - but no one said you couldn't do it in style. Mask on!

1. Giordano: Best Price in India: Rs 599/-

giordano mask

Buy it on:

  1. nykaa logo Nykaa

2. myntra logo Myntra

2. Vastramay Best Price in India: Rs 299/-

vastramay masks

Buy it on:

  1. vastramay logo Vastramay: Rs 299/-
  2. myntra logo Myntra: Rs 347/-

3. Louis Philippe Best Price in India: Rs 599/-

louis philippe mask

Buy it on myntra logo Myntra

You can also go for the Wildcraft HypaShield Supermask which is an extremely comfortable and reusable set of masks. Its unique design ensures it stays cool always while being easy to fold and store.

You can buy the Wildcraft Hypashield Supermask for Rs 399/- ( Set of 3)

wildcraft hypashield supermask

Buy it on:

  1. amazon logo Amazon: Rs 399/-
  2. flipkart logo Flipkart: Rs 399/-

4. Books

Books can be great gifts for teachers because there are tons of opportunities to make them personal.


5. Gift Cards & Online Subscriptions

With COVID 19 in full swing, gifting these gift cards makes gifting super convenient and safe.

- amazon logo Amazon Pay Gift Card starts Rs 500/-

- jio saavn logo Jio Saavn 3 Months Subscription at Rs 199/-

- flipkart logo Flipkart E-Giftcard starts at Rs 25/-

- google play logo Google Play Gift Card starts ar Rs 100/-

- zee5 logo Zee5 6 Months Subscription at Rs 599/-

These wrap up our favourite gifts you can give to your Teacher this Teachers Day!

So which one will you choose?

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By Anmol Bongirwar